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Garrison Doles: Home


For Garrison's new Christmas CD visit
Songmaker's Christmas


For Garrison's original
worship music, visit
The Song Chapel.
Powerhouse indie songmaker Garrison Doles is committed to making sure 
the house is full and the crowd is on its feet.

For booking, contact

Visit to see Garrison's Electronic Press Kit.
Garrison tours nationally as a songmaker and a storymaker, 
performing in secular venues – 




he offers the SONG CHAPEL in



Rest assured, he will always bring only what is appropriate to your venue.

Garrison has recently won major songwriting competitions in North Carolina,

Texas,  Florida and Massachusetts and he’s on the move, touring nationally and

performing at all the best festivals, coffeehouses and house concerts. If you call

yourself a performing songwriter, then you ought to hold up both ends of the

deal. Garrison truly does. He writes powerful songs of all kinds - moving, funny,

profound, romantic, light-hearted - and he delivers them with immense skill and

unforgettable style and grace. It’s an inspired marriage of artist and material, and

it always results in an exciting and entertaining journey for the audience. What

Garrison Doles brings is so deep and wide that only your heart is big enough to

hold it.


 Legendary Crosby, Stills and Nash producer Steve Gursky says:

"Garrison Doles is one of the most talented songwriters I've ever worked with. He

really knows how to put words and music together in a way that makes the story

come alive. And he totally fills the role of performing songwriter. Great singer,

guitar wizard and truly entertaining storyteller. Never pass up a chance to see

this master at work."