1. Mahalia Jane


Mahalia Jane that dusty road
Runs off into the shadows of the grandfather trees
Sit on the step the broken rail porch
Steam from a jar of sweet honey tea
Steal a moments peace
Take whatever comfort you can find
Another day is paid

I know it’s hard this life not your own
Said here put this on like the clothes of another
And every hour you toil in these fields
Another hour gone and never recovered
Can you steal a moments peace
Can you find a little comfort
Another day is paid

Are they even aware
Of what they’ve taken from
Scattered your treasure
Among the weeds
To trade you away
Never even know you
Didn’t even care to know you
How could they see who in this world you could be
If you were only free

Mahalia Jane that dusty road
Turns on a better road in about a mile
You’ll bide your time settle these accounts
Leave these fields behind but for a little while
Can you steal a moments peace
Can you even find any comfort at all
And another day is paid