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  1. Hymn of the Stone


Quietly, quietly stand and abide
Your hour of toil is not here
In gladness and sorrow the story is told
And witnessed through laughter and tears
Here is a man patient and steady
He wants to be ready
He wants to be true
By the work of his hands
By the faith of his heart
He does what he knows that a man has to do

All I am is a stone in the river
At rest in the river
As still as a stone
All I am is a stone in the river
I am not the river
I am ever and only a stone

Be still, be still and stand your ground
Turn not your face away
Wait in the wind and the weather
Washed by the light of the day
Here is a man doing his part
Deep in his heart
He wants to be brave
By the blood of his veins
By the hope of his spirit
In the hour of courage he looks to be saved