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Garrison Doles: Song Lyrics

Goin' Commando

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Words and music by Garrison Doles

Maybe you can’t tell from my appearance
But I’m feeling kind of special today
I’ve got a sort of free and easy attitude
That comes, I’m pretty sure, from being dressed a certain way
Now, I woke up this morning just like I always do
Took a shower, shaved my face and brushed my teeth
But somehow when applying the days apparel
I neglected to install my under britches underneath

Goin’ commando, goin’ commando
I’m naked as the day I was born under my clothes
Goin’ commando, goin’ commando
I’m dressed a little scanty, left off my under panties
I’m goin’ commando today

Well a lady isn’t always what she seems to be
But has an air of feminine mystique
And cultivates a sense of wild abandon
By donning her ensemble in a manner most unique
There are days when it is perfectly delicious
To feel wicked and risque and even worse
And when this naughty mood has overtaken her
Find her dainty under-naughties at the bottom of her purse

We all want to be free, unencumbered and wild
Unlock the playground beneath your clothes, emancipate your inner child
It’s an expanding universe, so boldly go without fear
Into the vast uncharted space, the wilderness within your pants is the
final frontier
Not even wearing a thong, we’re singing our underwear song

repeat refrain

You might think it shocking to consider
All the ways it could enhance a person’s day
To engage the world unbound and unrestricted
Be the only one to know you’re out without your lingerie
Now it’s surely not my business to alarm you
I’ve no desire to make you long to be alone
I think by now the possibility has struck you
That the person right beside you left their under drawers at home

repeat refrain